Oikia Karapanou



An educational, residential program for young adults aged between 18 and 32
Oikia Karapanou, Island of Aegina , Greece
3rd YEAR: 27 May 2018 - 4 June 2018

The School of All Relations proposes to offer every year, to a group of around twenty young people from the whole world, a time of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Our aim is to help them develop relations with inner and outer resources, which will give them the strength and inspiration to become adults of integrity,  respectful of all life and capable of responding creatively to the challenges set by the global crisis.
We offer the beauty and inspiration of our space, the Oikia Karapanou, as well as our time and our skills. And we seek people who would  bring their own skills and ideas and collaborate with us to the constitution of the School and/or the hosting of the participants.

Our Philosophical position

One need hardly belabor the fact that our individualist social model, based uniquely on "having," has the insidious effect of a deadly illness on humanity and on the planet. It is high time to work resolutely towards a change of paradigm  in which "having" balances with "being" and individual freedom with the common good.
The School of All Relations is a laboratory for this new paradigm. Healing requires learning to place the common interest within the perspective of personal interest, to extend our individual consciousness towards a  consciousness of the whole.This necessarily implies reconceiving the very grounds of our notion of Relation.
How do we relate to our own selves, to the other, to our environment?  What is it in us that keeps us from honoring our interconnectedness? How can this be remedied?
This is what we propose to explore in the school, mainly through community life, immersion in nature and various courses and practices briefly described below.

Presentation of the School


At SOAR we hold of central importance the relationship between the inner and the outer, or the vertical and the horizontal dimensions. We see the state of division of our world as the result of an initial deep separation, between the inside, the subjective, the visible, the tangible and the outside, the objective, the invisible, the intangible.
Our aim is to proceed towards a reunion.
Thus we believe that in order to be fruitful,  our work in the world cannot be dissociated from our  work within ourselves. At the heart of our approach, a practice of mindfulness, in which we will try to listen to the inner resonance of every gesture, every situation, every interaction, will underlie all our daily activities.
Community life will be our field of experimentation.
Meditation and body practices will offer us our grounding in verticality.
Frequent talking circles will allow us to exchange, to support each other and to learn from each other. Here there will be no teachers and students, only co-travellers in the Mystery of existence.
Texts from the great spiritual traditions will inspire and found our effort.
Knowledge and tools gained in the courses and workshops will refine and structure our practice.

The Contents

- To live 6 to 8 months on a greek island, in a large property close to the sea, among twenty or so young people from different countries and backgrounds.

- To experience community life, in which we will share daily tasks, cultivating awareness, creativity and initiative, with a special commitment to listening: listening to oneself, listening to the other, listening to the world around.

- To participate in the Caravan: a 6 - 8 week trek with donkeys carrying our equipment, for a total immersion in nature. A taste of nomadism, a strengthening of initiative, autonomy and solidarity, living lightly, letting nature lead us to our own unspoiled inner nature.

- To train in the Arts of Relationship through a body of workshops and courses given by internationally acclaimed teachers, in communication, mediation, collective intelligence (Way of Council, Art of Hosting, Non Violent Communication and more…)
Our aim is that in connection with community life and awareness practices, the participants  gain in depth experience in the Arts of Relation as well as concrete tools that will serve them throughout their life, professionally or not.

- To become familiar with awareness practices: a session of mediation and of yoga or tai-chi will be proposed every morning.

- To meet more kinds of ecology, inner and outer: besides those already mentioned which form the basis of our curriculum, we plan to offer according to opportunities a diversity of  workshops and sessions, ranging from permaculture to theatrical improvisation,  creative writing or eco-constructions…
There will also be courses and presentations on the world situation today, on the new social and solidarity economies, but also on First Peoples' wisdom and ways of life and on the great spiritual traditions.

- To interact with the local community: Greece is going through a particular moment which gives rise to all sorts of needs and at the same time brings forth all kinds of initiatives, centered on  solidarity and ways of functioning more collectively, often aiming autonomy in regard to the prevailing system.
-We will come in contact with interesting initiatives, meetings with actors of social innovations (ecovillages, local currencies,  seed banks, collectively administered manufactories etc…) as well as custodians of ageless traditions.

- Once informed of the island's situation and social, cultural and environmental needs, the group will decide on an appropriate action of service to the local community, plan it and carry it out.

- Celebrations will be organized by the group of young people, open to the local community.

- Each month the group will host young people from Aegina and Athens for a weekend, in order to share  some of our experience.

-Those interested in learning Greek will have the opportunity to do so.

- To be informed about the main initiatives of social and environmental innovation in the world.

- To become part of a network of young people from the whole world, who have attended similar programs and are potential change makers.

Cost of participation

We are in search of sponsorships that will help us reduce to a minimum the school fees. We aim  not to exceed 800 euros/month, but hope to end up with a much smaller figure.

Forming a team / Competences required

We are looking for  persons with experience in administration-logistics and/or hosting young people, who would establish themselves in Aegina during all or part of the "school year" in order to form with us the basic pedagogic team.
We are also looking for people who would like to contribute temporarily to the School.

Who we are

Christina Chorafas and Olivier Clementz, a greek-french couple in their fifties, founders and directors of Oikia Karapanou, with experience in many different areas of human development.