Oikia Karapanou

Fees & Conditions

Concerning the fees please contact us so we can give you all the necessary information.

Generally you have the following possibilities:

- Only a bed without meals (you can use the kitchen according to your needs)​.

- A bed with breakfast and lunch (and/or dinner)​

There will be a fee added for the rental of the seminar room and the outdoor areas, which gives you at the same time the exclusivity of the whole house and garden during the entire stay of your group.​

For people staying outside Oikia there is a small participation fee.​

If all beds are booked there is also the possibility of putting up one's tent in the garden​.

For groups above 20 persons, studios can be rented near Oikia for approximately the same price.​






A deposit of 350 Euro is required to book Oikia for a weekend, and 650 Euro for a week-long program. If the booking is cancelled and no other programme replaces it, the deposit is not refunded. However, if another seminar takes place at the dates of the cancelled one, the deposit can be re-used for a future seminar.

Minimum duration of seminars and number of participants
A minimum duration of two days and two nights with at least 12 participants is required. For seminars longer than a week the minimum number of participants is 10.

Up to the age of three children are accepted free of charge. From 4 to 9 years they are charged 50% of the adult fee.

The kitchen

You can use the kitchen after the cook is gone. Please leave it as clean and tidy as she has left it!​


During the workshop, housekeeping is the responsibility of the group. However, it is possible to hire a cleaning person for a fee of 7 euro per hour. It takes approx. 3 hours to clean the bathrooms and collective areas.

Bed clothes...
...are all provided, but please bring your personal bath towel.

Thank you for...
..not smoking inside the house, and leaving your shoes at the entrance, because we have chosen to keep the wooden floors unvarnished.​

Do not forget...

...to bring your personal bath towel, and a pair of slippers if you would rather not walk barefoot around the house.

And as a privilege for Oikia's team:

Please allow, if possible, free participation in the workshop for one member of our staff.


Apart from seminars it is possible to rent the house by the week or by the month for holidays, film shootings, gatherings, weddings and other celebrations.

Please contact us

Picture by: Aris Pavlou